Whale Watching on the Mendocino Highlands

The North Coast is rich in history, natural resources, and beauty. In 1850, the Baltimore schooner Frolic shipwrecked off the Mendocino Coast, and the explorers found riches more valuable than silk. Towering redwood forests greeted them and Mendocino’s redwood lumber industry was born. Thus, a link was opened between this region and the rest of the world.

Mendocino Village beautifully maintains its Victorian era ambience. Year-round flower gardens proliferate in the temperate climate. State and recreational parks sustain abalone coves, tidal pools, redwoods and conifers, waterfalls and the unique Pygmy Forest.

From Elk to Westport, Highway 1 follows the breathtaking Mendocino coastline. Romantic inns and regional restaurants dot the coast and welcome travelers with hospitality and mouth-watering fare. Turn-of-the-century Fort Bragg, once a company lumber town, now bustles with antique shops, art galleries and the glorious Mendocino Coast botanical Gardens. Find exciting nightlife or peaceful pleasures, the choice is yours.

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