401 N. Main St.
Suite 203, Fort Bragg, California 95437
Phone Number: (707) 962-3038 Website: http://www.beautiful-earth.net

At Beautiful Earth in Fort Bragg, California, on the Mendocino Coast: Hold a 4.55 billion year old remnant of the core of a small planet which used to orbit between Mars and Jupiter.

Hold materials older than the solar system, created by supernovas melting the dust of nebula.

Touch a apiece of the moon, and a piece of Mars.

Examine over 2000 mineral, fossil, and meteorite specimens to select from.

See art inspired by the natural Earth by Walter Padgett, Tom Reed, Dale Moyer and others.

Hold fossil teeth from Mosasaurs, Spinosaurus, Mackerel sharks, and 45 foot Megalodons.

Examine multicolored petrified wood from tree species alive during the age of Pangaea – when the Earth had one continent and one ocean.

Touch fossils, traces of ancient life, going back 3.5 billion years.

Have your specimens identified and questions answered by a geologist and geoscience educator with over 50 years experience.