Mendocino County

Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Tours

Most areas of Mendocino County are surrounded by the events, museums and landmarks that link us to our past — the Spanish explorers, the Native Americans of the West Coast and the early logging industry. Below are some key points of interest, followed by a great selection of restaurants and cafés for lunch or dinner, as well as spas and salons to add to your experience.

North Coast

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fishing, picnicking, surfing
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beach, wildflowers and surf
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historic Taoist temple, circa 1852
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Parks and Recreation
unique beach, regionally famous
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coastal park, geological wonder
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natural history, overlooks Mendocino bay
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forested historic park, 10-mile beach
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coastal redwood forest, rivers
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beach, sand dunes, grasslands
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#2 on Sunset Magazine’s list! “Canyons, wetlands, pine forest, and more make up this 47-acre garden overlooking the Pacific."

Our mission is to engage and enrich lives by displaying and conserving plants in harmony with our Northern California coastal ecosystems. The unique environment on the Mendocino Coast makes the Gardens a wonder year-round; each changing season brings new flora and fauna. We welcome visitors and our local community to experience the rugged beauty of the Mendocino Coast mixed with the peaceful tranquility of our garden by the sea. 

Read this blog for more information. 

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Business & Travel Guide for Mendocino
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beach, trails, winter whale-watching
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Tours and excursions of Mendocino County
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Wine Tours & Limo Service
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700 acres of redwoods
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hiking, camping, swimming
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Lodging, Exploration and Ocean Front Weddings at a Historic Lighthouse
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forested headlands, beach, sea caves
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The Skunk train rides through the California redwoods, pristine coastline, and award winning vineyards that are all a part of the landscape that makes Mendocino County such an amazing place and home to this 131-year-old train.
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Visitors Center & Beaches
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We provide education and safe escort to the many fine wineries in Mendocino County. Staying on the Mendocino Coast, travel inland and visit Anderson Valley one of Californias’ premier pinot noir wine regions, see the golden hills, and enjoy the many boutique wineries. Sip sparkling wines and enjoy the local eateries.

South Coast

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Year Round Camping/Beach Access
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A lovingly restored, 200 seat, art-deco theater & film house.
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Parks, Rec & Camping, Whale Watching
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Camping Amoung the Redwoods
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The Point Arena Lighthouse stands as an iconic figure on the landscape of California’s spectacularly scenic and rugged North Coast.

Point Arena is truly a unique place with an historic Lighthouse at one end and a Pier at the other. This tiny coastal city in Mendocino County is built around a small harbor and offers a variety of shops, restaurants and lodging options. Point Arena's main street comprises part of scenic Highway One, California's coastal artery. The very walkable downtown includes a city park, library, bike path, historic theater and charming older buildings. We look forward to seeing you soon here in Point Arena!

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Beach & Redwood Horseback Tours

Wine Country

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Collecting, researching, & sharing the local history
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Events, Festivals & Fairs
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Parks, Recreation, Fishing & Hiking
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Parks, Recreation, Fishing & Hiking
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Presents fine art and history, plus contemporary regional art and gifts
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Camping, Foot, Bike & Horse Trails
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Environmental Heritage, Local History, Mendocino Culture, book and gift store.
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Renewable Energy Education, Tours, Products, Snacks & Coffee & Tea. Offering Renewable Energy & Sustainable Lifestyle.
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Events, Festivals & Fairs
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Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation in Willits
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Performing Arts
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Public Golf Course
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Performing Arts
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Vichy Springs is a unique 157 year old historic hot springs resort, nestled in the countryside just east of Ukiah. Vichy offers the only naturally warm and carbonated mineral baths in North America
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Guide for Exploring Mendocino
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Welcoming Visitors Everyday