Judy Pfeifer and Walt Rush "Inspired by the Sea"

Location Dolphin Gallery
02/07/2018 -
10:00am to 5:00pm

“Inspired by the Sea”, Judy Pfiefer and Walt Rush Judy Pfiefer, acrylic and pastel paintings, and Walt Rush, fine art jewelry Dolphin Gallery Exhibit Exhibit thru Sunday, February 25, 2018. Dolphin Gallery Free Although this is just her second exhibit at The Dolphin Gallery, Judy Pfeifer is no stranger to the local art scene. Judy has participated in shows and received many awards at Gualala Arts over the last ten years, she has served as secretary of North Coast Artist Guild the last three years, and she has been The Discovery Gallery Artists Collective Gallery Director for three seasons. Pfeifer describes herself as an eclectic artist who likes to explore different media and styles. However, her love of the human figure is apparent, as it is almost always a key factor within her art. Currently, she is exploring the shapes and shadows that form from the strong light playing off of figures within beach landscapes. She observes her subject matter along the cliffs of our local Northern California coast each day as she and her dog hike its trails. Starting with ink or charcoal studies Judy later develops her works into drawings or paintings, mostly with the use of acrylics and pastels. Digital paintings have also become a media of choice over the last few years, and she will often mix her original paintings with her photos to make unique digital collage art. Walt Rush Perhaps the most frequently featured three-dimensional artist at the Dolphin Gallery, Walt Rush returns this month for his seventh two-person show in the last 15 years. Walt is a perennial winner at the Gualala Arts Art in the Redwoods Festival. In 2017, his creation “Look to the Future” captured First Place in the festival’s Jewelry and Ornamentation Awards category. Although Walt is self-taught, he says he inherited his talent from artistic parents. His father was an architect and his mother was a painter. For over 30 years he honed his skills in his retail store in Ohio. Eventually, in 2002 he returned to his Northern California roots where he took up residence in Manchester. Mother Nature, wave motions, abalone shells or driftwood shapes often inspire his distinctive designs. He starts with an overall concept but finds each original piece evolves depending on the metals and stones. He may carve wax designs using the lost wax process but often employs straw cast or water cast techniques as well, which he says is particularly interesting because of the spontaneity and freedom from control that results for these methods. Walt calls his jewelry “wearable works of art”. In addition to creating custom jewelry Walt restores family heirlooms and antique silverware. He also repairs jewelry and can often fix broken eyeglass frames. Whether he is making an original commission or restoring a family treasure he takes pride in offering what he calls “old-fashioned customer service.” Every Thursday, Walt can be found at the Discovery Gallery from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm.

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