Flirting with the '40s Swing Dance!

Location Masonic Center
02/17/2018 -
7:00pm to 10:00pm

Swing dance to THE SWING DOCTORS! February 17 2018 7 PM - 10 PM Masonic Center - 428 North Main Street Swing is king on the California coast! About THE SWING DOCTORS From Fort Bragg CA, The Swing Doctors Play a mix of fun dancing music from the 40's, with a little of the 50's just for kicks. Roanna Olds - vocals. Roanna is the driving force behind the band. She is a consumate professional, until Nick tries to distract her so she forgets her lyrics. She loves to travel, so you might run into her in L.A., Montana or even Canada. Nick Rodseth - keyboards, piano, bass, vocals. Nick arranges the music, trying not to slip into an old Beatles song just to torment Tom on the drums, and give a chuckle to Roanna and Erick. Tom Rickard - drums. Every band on the Mendocino Coast uses Tom on drums whenever possible. Perfect time, and an easy-going style that makes you want to dance. So, of course, Roanna is trying to crack him up, while at rehearsal Nick slips into a rock song just long enough to make him raise the white flag. Erick Kolberg - guitar, vocals. Hot licks and lost picks. Erick lays down the groove, and then lets the lead guitar fly.

Masonic Center
428 N. Main St
95437 Fort Bragg , CA