Mendocino Shopping & Spa Trip

All the places to visit, solo or with your favorite crew, on your next trip to the Mendocino coast. Photo: Lee Rentz Photography



CLOTHING All Legs (sock lovers), Fancy That, Rainsong Clothing and Shoes 

JEWELRY - Celtic CreationsMendocino GemsMendocino Jewelry Studio, Old Gold Jewelry

ART - Highlight Gallery, Mendocino Art Center, IconsEco Mendo Twist (clothing, creations, art and things!), Mendocino Photographer GalleryPrentice Fine Art Gallery

GIFTS/MISC - Mendocino Country Store, Gallery Bookshop & Bookwinkle's Children's BooksDigging Dog Nursery (unusual and hard to find garden varieties), Out of this World (interplanetary and robotic toys), Perfume Mendo

               FOR YOU AND THEM Mendocino Chocolate Company

                                                 Shani's Sweet Creations (book ahead for special creations) 


LUNCH BREAK! Cafe Beaujolais, Flow Restaurant, Frankie's Pizza & Ice Cream Parlor, Goodlife Cafe & Bakery, MacCallum House and Restaurant, Mendocino Cafe, Trillium Cafe (formerly Moose Cafe), Queenie's Roadhouse Cafe


POST-SHOPPING SPA! Heritage House, Little River Inn and Spa, Mendocino Inn and Spa (formerly The Stevenswood), Stanford Inn, Sweetwater Eco Spa


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